56th International Conference on the Bioscience of lipids

22-26 September 2015, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

About the Meeting

This is the 56th Meeting of the International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids (ICBL), and the first to be located in South America. The format consists of 5 nights and four and a half working days, starting on Tuesday, Sept. 22 afternoon and ending with a farewell lunch on Saturday, Sept. 26. The main topics that will be addressed in the different sessions are: 1) Lipid synthesis, intracellular transport and metabolic regulation, 2) Lipid metabolism and lipid signaling in health and disease; 3) Lipoproteins and lipid droplet biology. 4) Biophysics of lipids, lipid/lipid and lipid/protein interactions.

Organizing Committee
Beatriz L. Caputto
Department of Biological Chemistry.
School of Chemical Sciences
National University of Córdoba
5000 Córdoba Argentina
0054 351 5353855 Ext. 3440

Norma Sterin Speziale

José L. Daniotti
Gerardo Fidelio
Mario Guido
Hugo J. Maccioni
Diego de Mendoza


-Robin Irvine (Cambridge, UK); (Van Deenen Lecture);
-Kai Simons (Dresden, Germany); (EMBO Keynote Lecture);
-Alfred Merrill (Atlanta, USA);
-Yussuf Hannun (New York, USA);
-Antonella De Matteis (Naples, Italy);
-Jean-Marie Ruysschaert (Bruxelles, Belgium);
-Felix Goñi (Bilbao, Spain);
-Nicolás Bazán (New Orleans, USA);
-Francisco Barrantes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
-Maurine Linder (Ithaca, NY, USA);
-Richard Proia (Bethesda, USA);
-Hugo Gramajo (Rosario, Argentina);
-Teymuras Kurzchalia (Dresden, Germany);
-Javier Valdez (Córdoba, Argentina);
-Christian Sohlenkamp (UNAM, Mexico);
- George Carman (New Jersey, USA);
-Yasuyuki Igarashi (Hokkaido University, Japan);
-Kentaro Hanada (Tokyo, Japan);
-Massimo Aureli (Milano, Italy);
-Edgar Kooijman (Ohio, USA);
-Dov Lichtenberg (Tel Aviv, Israel);
-Jelske van der Veen (Alberta, Canada);
-Laszlo Vigh (Szeged, Hungary).
The program will also include short talks selected from abstract presentations.


Tuesday, Sept. 22


Meeting Registration and poster hanging

18:30-19:30 Opening lecture - The Laurens Van Deenen Lecture
Adventures with inositides: the enigma of the PI5P 4-kinases
Chair: Suzanne Jackowski
19:30- Welcoming Reception
Wednesday, Sept. 23
  Session: Lipid Metabolism - Regulation
Chair: Nora Rotstein
09:00-09:30 Alfred MERRILL
  LY-B, we luv you:  Studies of sphingoid base metabolism by mammalian cells that do not make them
09:30-10:00 George CARMAN
  Phosphorylation regulates the Ubiquitin-independent degradation of Phosphatidate Phosphatase by the 20S Proteasome

Plenary Lecture

10:00-11:00 Yusuf HANNUN
  Neutral sphingomyelinases in cell regulation.
Chair: Norma Sterin-Speziale
  Session:  Intracellular Lipid Trafficking
Chair: Horacio Garda
11:30-12:00 Kentaro HANADA
  Phosphoregulation of lipid-transfer proteins: a lesson from the ceramide transfer protein CERT
12:00-12:30 Antonella DE MATTEIS
  The phosphoinositides and the Golgi complex.
12:30-12:50 Enrique POLITI
  Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) promote survival and spatial reorganization of photoreceptor neurons generated in vitro by Müller glia stem cells.
  Selected Abstract
12:50-13:05 Joost BRANDSMA
  Lipidomic phenotyping of severe asthma.
  Session:  Lipid Metabolism - Signaling
15:30-16:00 Suzanne JACKOWSKI

Phosphatidylethanolamine synthesis: different pathways, different cellular targets.

16:00-16:30 Lina OBEID
  Role and Regulation of Sphingosine Kinases in cancer
16:30-16:50 Benjamin NICHOLS

Flotillin membrane microdomains recruit sphingosine to control S1P signalling

16:50-17:10 Gabriela SALVADOR

Phosphoinositides: a two-path signaling in neuronal response to oligomeric amyloid β peptide.

  Selected Abstracts
17:10-17:25 Mark MAHADEO
  Visualization of domain organization in complex eukaryotic membrane extracts using Brewster Angle Microscopy.
17:25-17:40 David MAJEROWICZ

Insects as obesity models:  influence of hormones and nuclear receptors on Rhodnius prolixus lipid metabolism.

17:40-18:00 Coffee
  Plenary lecture     -     The PABMB Lecture
18:00-19:00 Nicolás BAZAN
  Molecular principles for docosahexaenoic acid retention and for cell survival bioactivity in the nervous system.
  Chair: Marta Aveldaño - Hugo Maccioni
Thursday, Sept. 24
  Session:  Non-mammalian lipid metabolism
Chair: Diego de Mendoza
09:00-09:30 Christian SOHLENKAMP
  Enzymes involved in Ornithine Lipid Synthesis and Modification: From A to G and still counting.
09:30-10:00 Teymuras KURZCHALIA
  Identification of novel class of glycolipids that are required for the cholesterol transport in C. elegans.
10:00-10:30 Hugo GRAMAJO
  Dissecting the biochemistry and the regulation of mycolic acid biosynthesis in mycobacteria
10:30-11:00 Charles ROCK
  Role of fatty acid phosphorylation in metabolism and transcriptional regulation in bacterial pathogens
  Selected Abstracts
  Emilio SAITA

A coiled coil switch mediates cold sensing by the thermosensory protein DesK

  Makoto ITO

Biological significance of sterylglucoside metabolism in Cryptococcus neoformans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Friday, Sept. 25
  Session:  Chemistry and Physics of Lipids I
  Chair: Betina Córsico
09:00-09:30 Francisco BARRANTES
  Cholesterol-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor crosstalk at the nanoscale
09:30-10:00 Richard PROIA
  Imaging sphingolipid signaling in vivo.
10:00-10:30 J Peter SLOTTE
  New insights into the role of hydrogen bonding for the bilayer properties and behavior of sphingomyelins.
10:30:10:50 Ana VES-LOSADA
  Nuclear lipid droplets have an active metabolism.

Selected Abstract

10:50-11:05 Gwendolyn BARCELÓ-COBLIJN

Tight regulation of lipid composition along human colonic mucosa revealed by mass spectrometry-based imaging techniques.

11:05-11:30 Coffee
  Session:  Chemistry and Physics of Lipids II
  Chair: Marta Aveldaño
11:30-12:00 Edgar KOOIJMAN
  The biophysics of phosphatidic acid and diacylglycerol pyrophosphate and their role in lipid signaling during the stress response of plants.
12:00-12:15 Yuki NAKAMURA (EMBO Young Investigator Lecturer)

Phosphatidylcholine in arabidopsis: biosynthesis and function in plant growth and development

12:15-13:00 Dov LICHTENBERG

Oxidative stress, the ill-defined term and the important concept

13:00-15:30 LUNCH  AND POSTERS
  Session:  Protein Lipidation
  Chair: José Luis Daniotti
15:30-16:00 Maurine E. LINDER
  Mechanism and function of DHHC palmitoyltransferases.
16:00-16:20 Javier VALDEZ
  Structure-function analyses of DHHC protein-palmitoyltransferases

Selected Abstracts

16:20-16:35 Joachim FUELLEKRUG
  The function of ACSL3 in triglyceride synthesis and storage
16:35-16:50 Elena POSSE de CHAVES
  Inhibititon of protein prenylation is the cause of autophagy dysfunction in a model of Alzheimer’s disease.
  Mauricio CRESTANI
  Class I histone deacetylases regulate adipose tissue physiology, obesity and insulin sensitivity.
17:05-17:30 Coffee
  Session:  Lipid Metabolism and Disease
  Chair: María Gonzalez Baró
17:30-18:00 Kohey YUYAMA

Function of ganglioside and sphingolipid-linked exosome secretion in sequestering Alzheimer's amyloid-ß.

18:00-18:20 Jelske VAN DER VEEN

The protection against obesity and insulin resistance by PEMT deficiency.

18:20-18:40 Jean-Marie RUYSSCAHERT

Lipid aggregates activate the immune system of plant and human cells.


Selected Abstracts

18:40-18:55 Ana RACCA
  Cytoplasmic Fra-1 and c-Fos: potential targets for specific breast cancer therapy
18:55-19:10 Mónica PICKHOLZ
  Sumatriptan encapsulation in poloxamer micelles by molecular dynamics simulations
19:10-19:25 Gabor TIGYI

Mitigation of radiation injury with rationally designed LPA2 receptor agonists.

Saturday, Sept. 26
  Session: Lipids and Membrane Dynamics
  Chair: Gerardo Fidelio
09:00-09:30 Felix GOÑI
  Ceramides and diacylglycerols as modulators of membrane physical properties.
09:30-10:00 Massimo AURELI
  Glycosphingolipids in health and diseases: role of the plasma membrane composition and organization.
10:00-10:30 László VÍGH
  Membranes are thermometers: from molecular bases to therapeutic applications
10:30-10:50 Ernesto AMBROGGIO
  The effect of lipid packing and membrane curvature on protein binding and traffic.
10:50-11:10 Natalia WILKE
  Determinants of the size and density of domains in lipid monolayers and their effect on membrane dynamics.
11:10-11:30 Coffee
  Closing Lecture:        THE EMBO KEYNOTE LECTURE
11:30-12:30 Kai SIMONS

Cell Membranes : Subcompartmentalization driven by phase separation

  Chair: Peter Slotte


12:30-12:45 Award Ceremony and Closing Ceremony
12:45-13:00 Presentation of the 57th ICBL 2016
13:00 h Farewell Argentine Barbeque





The Conference will take place in the Convention Center of the Amerian Portal del Iguazu Hotel (www.portaldeliguazu.com) , in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, at the confluence of the Paraná and Iguazú rivers in the triple border Brazil/Paraguay/Argentina. Participants from abroad will arrive to the Puerto Iguazu Airport (Argentina) or to the Foz de Iguazú Airport (Brazil, a 30 min drive from the meeting venue) and by bus/flights from Argentinean Cities like Buenos Aires, Córdoba or Bahía Blanca.

Please note that to enter Brazil, some citizens (i.e. USA citizens) will need a Visa.






 Good news: you have two more weeks to send your presentation!

The deadline for Abstracts presentation was extended to June 19, 2015.

Please, take on account that all attendants must fulfill the registration formulary, and lecturers, invited speakers and/or poster authors need to complete the abstract template. Early rate registration fees have also been extended. 

Registration: To be registered at the ICBL 2015, please, download the file below and follow the instructions.

Download Registration Form and abstract submission information here:

Hotels for all budgets will also be posted.

Delegate rates: € 600
Discount rates: € 300
(PhD students and Post Docs with no more than three years of having finished their PhD should register with discount rate)

Registration fee includes: Congress material and (also for accompanying persons) lunches, coffee at session breaks, a welcoming cocktail, a farewell lunch, and an almost full day excursion to the Iguazú Falls (http://www.iguazuargentina.com) including lunch.

REGISTRATION FEE WAIVER FOR YOUNG PARTICIPANTS (PhD students and post Docs of no more than 5 years)
Limited funds will be available to partially waive the registration fee for some applicants based on financial need. If you would like to be considered for this waiver, when submitting your abstract, also submit a short explanation of the financial need. Successful applications will be informed in advance and reimbursements given at the Meeting venue..


A list of hotels and cottages for all budgets will be posted soon. All recommended accomodations are located at a walking distance (2-3 blocks) from the meeting venue.



Dr. Beatriz L. Caputto

CIQUIBIC (UNC-CONICET) Department of Biological Chemistry. School of Chemical Sciences National University of Córdoba 5000 Córdoba Argentina
+54 351 5353855 Ext. 3440